Still Drunk But Still Working

Suggested Audio Accompaniment: Dr. Worm by They Might Be Giants

Good evening all. I’m at home writing on a Friday night not because I am a lonely sad individual, but because I am a lonely sad individual who will be balls-to-the-walls busy for the next five days. Hopefully, in-between the clusterfux of things that I has gots myself into, I will be able to meet with my editor who will, heretofore, be known as, “He who’s beverage must be beer.” Although I have sent my newest brilliant manuscript, Drugs and Pancakes, he holds true to the adage “One must be sufficiently intoxicated and with sufficiently intoxicated company in order for progress to be achieved sufficiently.” I’m pretty sure that was Jesus.

So, on the agenda.

New Vids:

The recent episode of On the Mark was put on hold because of another video that needed to be completed for the safety of mankind. But, fear not, both will make their debuts in November. And I promise, they will be tasty.
New Songs:

You may have already noticed that I posted the new epic masterpiece, Dark Creation. There are others on the way that will rival Dark in its epicness as well as its masterpieceness.

New Writs:

More excerpts from Drugs and Pancakes are coming. Try not to wet yourself.

New Audiobookstuff:

More excerpts of the Becoming audiobook will be posted next week. That way, you can fall asleep listening to my  melodious voice.


Much love to all of yous.