Marc Johnson

Writer. Musician. Action Philosopher!

Chicago native and alumnus of Roosevelt University, I’ve been writing, editing, and building video, audio, and written content for print and web for over seven years. You might know me from my articles on, or from my web video series The Future of Gear, or maybe it was from my viral articles reporting on Guitar Center’s Debt crisis. Either way, you really should’ve called and let me know that you were coming.

Currently, I’m working as Advertising Copywriter at TCS Education System. I’m also busy being Editor-in-Chief at and Website Manager and Marketing Coordinator for Most of you are probably wondering how I keep it together, and you’re right!

My skills include; writing (obviously), fiction, video editing, music production, web design, Email campaigning, social media coordination, keyword integration, B2B, fiction writing, and I’m one hell of a cook.

Read a lot of books, then wrote one of my own. Becoming is a dark fantasy that is often compared to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and the works of Kafka, although I’m not completely sure why.

Kick back, explore my site. If you’re looking for words, I’ve got plenty of them. And, some of them even have more than four letters.


You can view or download my formal resume, here: MarcJohnsonBooksResume. Or not. Whatever.